What we do

    Board Architect Design provide a complete services around electronic product development. From concept / idea studies through hardware, embedded software and mobile app development for connected devices, verification and certifications and finally NPI at a producer and even maintainance of the product through its life cycle. Size of projects range from a quick and efficient support as a part of a development project to complete industrilization of an idea. We also devlop a online design tool, simplyfing and speeding electronic design and product maintainance.


    With a long history and a mix of know how and experience from radio design, analog, digital, embedded systems and power electroncis we can support any electronic design project.

    Embedded software

    We develop from simple small microcontroller software to larger systems including control and communications, as well as FPGA firmware in both VHDL and Verilog.


    We can wuickly produce prototypes for demos and design verifications. The production is made by our parters we make them complete including electronics, enclosures and mechanics.

    Mobile Apps

    We are not app developers in general, but what we do is portable applications connecting to devices we develop. It is typically BLE devices communicating with the mobile, which then either ananlyse the data in hand or cummunicates it further to the cloud.

    BLE / IoT

    A speciality for us are small connected devices using Bluetooth low energy. We have made several battery powered designs with one or a couple of sensors.

    Manufacturing and NPI

    We provide quote and selection support to find the best suited manufacturer and support the NPI process as well as the coming product maintainance.

    Our Story

    Us founders of Board Architect have been in the electronics industry whole our careers. Developing boards and embedded software, radio and power electronics, both at board as well as semiconductor level. We have been running and developing companies within this sector and electronics are our passion. So far the team has grown to 4 developers but we are contiuously looking for new talent and are set to grow.